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  •  Evaluation of Effectiveness of Buprenorphine for Post-operative Analgesia in Terms of Duration, Quality and Side Effects by Different Routes of Administration
    H K Sale, Vitthal J Shendage
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/06
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  •  Pattern of Pediatric Trauma in Rural Background of Central India
    Satyadeo Sharma, Ashok Nayak, Rachna Gupta, A P S Gaharwar
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/07
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  •  Pneumothorax: Recent Trends in Presentation and Management
    Srikantaiah Hiremath, Jeevak Shetty, C Kiran Kailas, Rajalaxmi Doddamani
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/08
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  •  Factors Affecting Seroma Formation after Modified Radical Mastectomy in Patients of Carcinoma Breast: A Prospective Study
    Jalaj Anjani, Ojha Amit, Sharma Kuber, Gupta Achal
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/01
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  •  Benign Breast Lesions in a Teaching Hospital in Rural Bihar
    Shambhu Kumar Singh, Khwaja Nasim Ahmad, Deepak Pankaj, Mohammad Arif Ansari
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/02
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  •  Surgical Site Infections in a Rural Hospital: A Prospective Study
    Santosh M Patil, K Sravan Kumar, K Rajesh
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/03
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  •  Inguinal Swellings Mimicking Hernia in Females: A Retrospective Study
    S V S Mohan, B V Sushil Kumar, S L Karthavya, R M Madhurya
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/04
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  •  Lignocaine Jelly Cap as an Unusual Foreign Body in Urethra: A Case Report with Review of Literature
    Amandeep Singh, Haramritpal Kaur, Gurdhian Singh, Salvinder Toor, Monique Garg
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/05
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