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  •  Factors Affecting Conversion of Laparoscopic Appendectomy to Open Surgery in a Tertiary Hospital in South India: A Prospective Study
    N Suresh Kumar, R Jai Vinod Kumar
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/08
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  •  Myrrh as a Cause of Surgical Site Infection: 8 Years Prospective Observational Study
    Wagih Mommtaz Ghnnam, Ahmad Ali-Alqarni, Saad Mohammed Al-Shahrani
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/09
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  •  Treatment of Buerger’s Disease by Bone Widening by Ilizarov Technique
    Satish Nesari, Mahaboob Pasha
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/10
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  •  Variability in the Origin of the Obturator Artery: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Cadaveric Study
    Seema Suryavanshi, Praveen Bhagel, Dhananjay Sharma
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/11
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  •  Comparison of Post-operative Analgesia after Single Shot Caudal Epidural Block Using Bupivacaine with or without Clonidine in Children
    H K Sale, Vitthal J Shendage
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/12
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  •  Comparative Study of Effects of Dexmedetomidine as Adjuvant to Bupivacaine and Bupivacaine Alone in Epidural Anesthesia
    Vishwadeep Singh, Geeta Singh, Priyank Srivastava, Lalit Singh
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/13
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  •  Clinico-pathological Evaluation and Management of Gastrointestinal Hollow Viscous Perforation
    Rajashekar Jade, B V Raghunath, N Naveen, K S Hanumanthaiah
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/14
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  •  Intra-abdominal Organ Injuries in Blunt Injury Abdomen in SRM Medical College, Potheri: A Prospective Study
    R Balamurugan, Suresh Kumar, R Lakshmana, S Arun Prasath
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/15
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  •  Lipid Profile in Newly Detected Carcinoma Breast Patients: A Tertiary Institutional Study
    Samir Ranjan Nayak, Ganni Bhaskara Rao, Dillip K Soren, Jagdish Kiran
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/16
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  •  Wound Closure Using Adhesive Tapes in SRM Medical College, Potheri: A Case Study
    R Balamurugan, R Lakshmana, S Arun Prasath
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/17
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  •  Comparison of Open Hemorrhoidectomy under Local and Spinal Anesthesia and its Practical Feasibility at a Tertiary Care Institute
    Praveen Singh Baghel, Maneesh Joleya, Seema Suryavanshi
    DOI : 10.17354/SUR/2016/18
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