Study of Management of Varicose Veins in Tertiary Care Hospital of Andhra Pradesh Population

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  • S V Satyasekhar General Surgeon, Civil Surgeon Specialist
Keywords: Great saphenous vein, In competent, Ligation, Perforators, Stripping


Background: Varicosity of veins in is of the major complications in the adults due to erect posture such as Hernia, Piles, and
Sinusitis due to persistent standing against gravity.
Materials and Methods: Fifty-eight adult patients of both sexes were studied Droppler ultrasound of both limbs was done to
confirm the varicosity and rule out deep various thromboses and associated complications. The technique or method was vein
stripping. Two incisions (cuts) were made, one on top of the leg just below the groin and one just below the knee joint or at the
ankle. The vein was then tied or clamped at the incision. A long wire stripper was passed through lower incision up the vein and
the lower end button like cap was attached to the wire. The procedure included ligation of veins.
Results: Involvement of limbs in varicose was 29 (50%) left leg, 21 (36.2%) right leg, and 8 (13.7%) bilateral. The clinical
manifestations were 17 (29.3%) had pain, 12 (20.6%) had dilatation of vein, 11 (18.9%) had ulcer, 5 (8.6%) had edema, 4 (6.8%)
had itching and pigmentation, 6 (10.3%) had Cramps, and 3 (5%) had heaviness of legs. The involved veins were 25 (43%)
(10.3%) both long and short veins are involved. Surgical procedure was 29 (50%) ligation of sapheno-femoral and anatomical
constant veins, 15 (25.8%) ligation of incompetent perforators, 5 (8.6%) ligation of sapheno-femoral and sapheno-popliteal, 3
(5.1%) ligation of sapheno-femoral saphenopopliteal, 4 (6.8%) ligation of sapheno-popliteal with short saphenous, and 2 (3.4%)
ligation of sapheno-popliteal with sub-fascial.
Conclusion: This management of varicose will be economic and helpful to middle socioeconomic patient to avail this procedure.

Author Biography

S V Satyasekhar, General Surgeon, Civil Surgeon Specialist

CHC Bobbili, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India