Study Sarcomas of Facial Region in Bihar Population

Original Article

  • Gaurav Verma Associate Professor, Department of Dentistry
Keywords: Chondrosarcoma, Malignant, Maxillofacial, Neoplasm, Neurogenic sarcoma, Osteosarcoma


Background: Sarcomas are malignant neoplasm derive from different tissues body. Although they are rare to occur proper and efficient treatment is mandatory, otherwise it will have poor prognosis.
Materials and Methods: Fifty-nine patients of different age groups having clinical and pathological symptoms of sarcoma were studied their socioeconomic status habits were also noted.
Results: 7 (11.8%) osteosarcoma occurred at mandible and maxilla, 6 (10%) mandible, 5 (8.4%) Ewing sarcomas were at mandible and maxilla, 10 (16.9%) located at 5th and 7th cranial nerves, 5 (8.4%) metastatic sarcomas were at palate and nasopharynx, 7 (11.8%) spindle cell sarcoma at maxilla, and 11 (18.6%) Kaposi sarcomas at mandible were studied.
Conclusion: As these sarcomas have tendency of recurrence, hence radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy treatment is uncertain, therefore surgery is the most reliable treatment for maxillofacial and oral sarcomas.

Author Biography

Gaurav Verma, Associate Professor, Department of Dentistry

Narayan Medical College and Hospital, Sasaram, Bihar, India