Comparative Study of Non-operative versus Operative Management of Appendicular Lump in Maharashtra Population

  • Jahangir Gulab Sayyed Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mayani, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Appendectomy, Appendicular lump, Conservative treatment, Emergency, Non-operative


Background: Acute appendicitis is one of the most common acute surgical conditions of the abdomen and appendicular lump is
formed, if the treatment is delayed. There is no clear standardized approach with abscess or phlegmon. Hence, different therapy
would be useful and cost effective.
Materials and Methods: 60 patients aged between 20 and 40 years were studied. The patients classified into Group-I – emergency
surgery group 19 (31.6%) and Group-II had conservative treatment – 41 (68.3%) (a) surgery after certain time (II A), (b) ambulatory
follow-up (II B), and (c) underwent appendectomy (II C).
Results: The clinical manifestations were compared – Duration of symptoms 6.58 in Group-I, 9.48 in Group-II, body temperature
(c) 39% in Group-I, 37.7 group to heart rate (pulse/min) 87.4 in Group-I, and 85.7 in Group-II in Group-II. Size of abscess 3.42
in Group-I, 4.98 in Group-II, in the comparison of surgical outcome between emergency and delayed operation groups. 13
appendectomy in Group-II, 24 in Group-II, Ileostomy was 5 in Group-I, 2 in Group-I right hemicoloctomy 1 in Group-I, 2 in Group-
II. Duration of operation 107.66 in Group-I, 89.18 in Group-II, post-operative complication 2 in Group-I, 6 in Group-II, and postoperative
stay 9.31 in Group-I, 9.46 in Group-II.
Conclusion: Early surgical exploration confirms the diagnosis and cures the problem; reduce the cost of management with
satisfactory outcome.

Author Biography

Jahangir Gulab Sayyed, Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mayani, Maharashtra, India

Associate Professor, Department of Surgery.


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