Variations in the Length of Facial Nerve in Temporal Bone of Male Cadavers of North Karnataka

  • Gazala Shaireen Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy
  • Sarita Sylvia Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy
Keywords: Petrous, Labyrinthine, Mastoid, Tympanic, Tailors tape


Background: The variation in the length of facial nerve (FN) has surgical importance, during parotidectomy, maxillofacial, and otology surgeries.
Method: Fifty male cadaveric temporal bones were taken out by removing soft parts attached to it. The FN was exposed. The length of FN in different segments of temporal bone was measured by tailors tape (mm)
Results: Length of facial nerve 7.92 (SD ± 1.22) in petrous part, 3.5 (SD ± 0.42) in labyrinthine part, 12.14 (SD ± 0.38) tympanic part, 12.26 (SD ± 1.88) mastoid part, 15.78 (SD ± 0.52) nerve to stapedius, 19.08 (SD ± 0.68) chorda tympani branch.
Conclusion: This cadaveric study will be tool for maxillofacial, ENT, and neurosurgeon to access require surgical parts without injury to FN.

Author Biographies

Gazala Shaireen, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy

Khaja Banda Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences

Sarita Sylvia, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy

MR Medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India


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