Study of Effectiveness of Ligation of Inter-sphincteric Fistula Tract in the Management of Fistulas in Ano in Telangana Population: A Prospective Study

  • Y C Kishore Kumar Reddy SVS Medical College, Yenugonda, Telangana, India
Keywords: Fistula in ano,, Park’s classification, Rojanaskal, Sitzbath


Background: Fistula in ano is a common condition but a potentially complex disease process and characterized by purulent
drainage or cyclic pain associated with abscess re-accumulation followed by intermittent spontaneous decompression. There are
many techniques to treat anal fistula, but ligation of the Inter-sphincteric fistula tract (LIFT) is a simple, safe method.
Materials and Methods: About 80 adult patients were confirmed to be competent for surgery USG examination having 7–10
MHZ transducer passed into the anal canal which is carried out with the patient in left lateral position. Serial radial images were
taken to study the location and position of fistula. LIFT procedure was similar to Rojanaskul proposed method. Duration of surgery
and healing of wound was noted.
Results: As per Park’s classification 70 (87.5%) are trans-sphincteric, 8 (10%) Inter-sphincteric, 2 (2.5%) supra sphincteric,
Classification by course of fistula - 30 (37.5%) anterior straight, 40 (50%) posterior straight, 8 (10%) curved, and 2 (2.5%) semihorse
shoe. 72 (90%) had single tract, and 8 (10%) had multiple tracts.
Conclusion: The LIFT technique is an ideal because it is minimally invasive with high rate of rapid healing and without any
resultant of incontinence.

Author Biography

Y C Kishore Kumar Reddy, SVS Medical College, Yenugonda, Telangana, India

Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery


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