Comparison of Biochemical Profiles in Pregnant and Non Pregnant Women of Bihar

  • Smita Mallick Narayan Medical College, Jamuhar, Bihar, India
Keywords: Body mass index, Chem-5, ERBA, Lipid profile, Semi-auto analysis, Spignomanometer


Background: Pregnancy is associated with several physiological changes in the body such as metabolic changes that help the
growth and the survival of the fetus. However biochemical profile derangement may lead to pregnancy complications. Hence, it
is essential or mandatory to study the biochemical profiles in the pregnancy.
Materials and Methods: Fifty pregnant and 50 non-pregnant aged between 18 and 45 were selected. Body mass index (BMI),
lipid profile, blood pressure (BP) were studied and compared.
Results: About 13 (26%) women had first trimester 20 (40%) had second trimester and 17 (34%) had third-trimester pregnancy.
BMI mean value pregnant women was 24.82 (±1.08) and non-pregnant female was 22.19 (±1.03) t-test 12.4 and P > 0.00. Mean
value of systolic BP in pregnant women 110 (±2.2) and 105 (±1.2) in non-pregnant women t-test 14.1 and P < 0.000. Diastolic
BP 72 (±2.1) pregnant 70 (±1.3) in non-pregnant females t-test 5.7 and P < 0.000, Glucose levels, total cholesterol, triglycerides,
high-density lipoprotein, and low-density lipoprotein were elevated in pregnant females as compared to non-pregnant females.
Conclusion: This pragmatic evaluation of biochemical profile will be helpful to obstetricians and gynecologist to predict the status
of pregnancies and foetal outcomes because nutritional status plays vital role in pregnancy and growth of the fetus.

Author Biography

Smita Mallick, Narayan Medical College, Jamuhar, Bihar, India

Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


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