The Prevalence of Middle cerebral artery Stenosis in Population of Bihar (A trans-cranial Doppler study)

  • Deepak Karn Assistant Professor and Head of the Department Neurosurgery Shri krishna Medical College and Hospital Muzaffarpur-842001, Bihar
Keywords: Temporal Acoustic window, TCD, Peak systolic Flow, Multi-drop B DWL, Stenosis


Background: The prevalence and causes of intra cranial arterial stenosis in adults’ stroke patients is largely unknown. Hence it has become a great clinical challenge for Neuro-physician, Neurosurgeon and Radiologist to find out the aetiologies of intra cranial arterial stenosis.

Method: 100 patients of aged between 25 to 60 years were selected for study. Their past history and clinical manifestations were noted TCD examination was performed with portable machine (multi-drop (R) + DWL), which is a 2MHz power motion single channel TCD, MCA was approached through temporal windows by use of standard protocol. stenosis of arterial were defined by the peak systolic flow velocity more than 140 cm/sec for MCA.

Results: The highest clinical manifestation was HTN 75%, followed by DM 58%, obesity 52% ,and hyper cholestremia 48%, smoker 38%, CAD 32% ,and least was PVD 2%. In odds ratio study HTN was highest 8.5, followed by CAD ratio was 6 and least ratio was alcoholics 1.6.

Conclusion: The present study revealed the aggravating factor like HTN, DM and CAD. Atherosclerosis causes stenosis of MCA and peak systolic velocity more than 140 mc/sec for MCA. Hence the patients having such clinical manifestations will be more prone for stenosis of MCA.


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